New Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Collections From NK iMODE!

New Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Collections From NK iMODE!

NK iMODE have just launched four new collections wholesale Christmas costumes for SS16 that are available to buy right now direct from the designer. You’re going to find lots of intricate lace cut-outs on lovely silk and lace-up back-lines, here’s a quick run down.

First up is Bettina which is corset skirts sets inspired by the 1st-ever supermodel Bettina Graziani. The highlight for us is the leopard skin PJ set that’s a little bit dangerous but very luxurious at the same time. You’ll also find a couple of lovely chemises which include some very delicate lace and embroidery.

Veronica arrives in plum colored silk  ith lovely contrasting gray lace and is inspired by the tone and moodiness of film noir movies starring Veronica Lake. Included in this collection are a beautiful long night dress, robe, kimono and a couple of very seductive chemises.

Gilda turns up in Copper colours and draws inspiration from the Rita Hayworth movie where she appeared in incomparable costumes by award-winning designer Jean-Louis. The image for this style is at the top of the post, make sure you check the detail on the back. Slips and chemises are the main story in this collection and we absolutely love the use of lace to create a very romantic look.

Annabella is very girly in pink and cerise. Inspired by the iconic French actress of the 30’s and 40’s this is very feminine and perfect for the Summer. You’ll find two chemises and a robe in this collection that’s lots of fun and very pink