History and Origins of Lingerie Undergarments

Underwear is necessary plus size womens clothes for women for hygienic purposes. Throughout the past decades, it has gained popularity. Along with the popularity came the acceptance of lingerie as an ideal undergarment. Currently, the lingerie is a sign of femininity. It is a fashion statement that has become popular over the last years. Women don’t just buy underwear for them to have support. Nowadays, women buy undergarments in order to feel confident as well as to have the usual perks of having an underwear. A lot of people think that the revolution of underwear only happened during the 1930s. In reality, there are different beginnings to lingerie undergarments.

Oldest cheap sweatshirts Record of Lingerie

The oldest record wholesale Christmas costumes wholesale Christmas costumes of undergarment was seen in Egypt. Aged 3000BC thanks to carbon dating, it has been found that only women in high society have the right to wear such types of fabrics. Loincloths were used by servants and slaves, and they also don’t have any type of undergarment underneath. In Egypt, the purpose of having an underwear is basically to flaunt your status in society. The moment someone wears this, it simply means the woman is a special person during that time.

In Greece 2000 BC, women were seen wearing corsets. The main purpose of the corsets is to make the breasts look bigger. Greeks had the idea of what an ideal contour of a woman’s body should look. Therefore, during those times, it was used to accentuate the body’s curves. Similar to how we use the lingerie today, Greeks had a similar concept of beauty in the present time.

During the medieval and period through the renaissance, women made use of the lingerie undergarments for different purposes. There was a time that it was meant for women to look boyish and there were times when the hourglass figure was more desired in society than just the plump or the flat figures.

19th Century Onwards

During the late 19th century, it was the time when men find lingerie undergarments appealing. It was the time when Lady Duff Gordon of Lucile provided a way for women to be free from their corsets. During this time, the concept of modesty and hygiene were the primary reasons as to why women would have these undergarments. During the First World War, there was a strong demand for the underwear industry to provide a more comfortable option for women. Since most ladies are taking the job of their husbands who participated in the war, manufacturers tried to create fabrics that are just as effective as the old ones but are basically more comfortable. These designs allowed women to perform heavy works without irritating the skin.

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